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Saturday, 14 March 2020

The Nostalgic Nineties!

While countries, states are almost under shut down due to the pandemic which poses a health challenge the world over, while concerts and shows everywhere are getting cancelled or postponed, the only thing we can do is to share music through online media. Music seems to be the only solace right now when the atmosphere around us is rather gloomy and depressing. Let's hope the situation gets better soon!
Sharing a beautiful melody from the musical 1990s...The 90s songs are rather nostalgic for me, as those were my formative years as a budding singer, which meant that it was the beginning of being gradually able to apply the knowledge of sur and taal to every song that one heard. It was also the beginning of being able to understand what one was singing. The 90s were also significant as the beginning of cable television in India, and the addition of so many new channels to the earlier 'Doordarshan-only' era. This meant we were suddenly much more exposed to film music of that time. The greater exposure to TV was deemed to be good by some, but bad by most others! Nevertheless, the quality of the music was great, no doubt. The 90s also had some very good non-film music, which reached us teenagers of that time, again through the myriad TV channels, still trying to find their feet in the business.
I realised that although the 90s hold such a special place in my heart, there's hardly any song from that decade that I have sung and shared so far! So here it is: Tu Mile Dil Khile, an evergreen song, melodious to the core, from the nostalgic 90s. Hope you like it!
Dedicated to all those composers, singers, lyricists, who gave us, particularly the generation to which I belong, so much to cherish!
Have a great weekend! Stay safe!

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