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I am a professional Indian Classical Singer. I hold a Ph.D. in Economics and Master's Degrees in both, Economics and Business Management; and I also work as Faculty in Economics for Management students. I have a passion for writing and this blog is a platform for me to share my experiences and express my thoughts and ideas, views and opinions, gathered while working in diverse fields.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Women's Day: Today, Everyday!

Happy Women's Day to all the wonderful women! Be happy, be bright, be strong!

While we send greetings and wishes to all the great women in our lives on this day, it is equally necessary that we practise it in our daily lives, so that we don't just remember the contribution of the women to our lives and our society on just this one day of the year, but all 365 days!

Everyone may have their own way of doing their bit. I do this, in my own small and humble way, by disseminating the knowledge that I was fortunate enough to receive, both in my academic discipline, Economics, as well as my music. One of the greatest ways to achieve women's empowerment is through the wealth of knowledge and education. Sharing some very satisfying moments of my life, trying to contribute in my own little way to this process.

All women, whether educated or not, have some talent, which can be converted into a profession. However, very often, they are clueless as to the costing and pricing of it and in general, the financial literacy.This lack of knowledge often comes in the way of it becoming their profession. So whenever possible, I conduct these sessions, (very often free of cost if the participants come from modest backgrounds) for women, who would like to convert their hobby into a profession, thereby becoming somewhat independent and also contributing to the family income.

Music, my greatest passion, is also a way for me to reach out to maximum wonderful women and girls,
who would like to nurture their talents. Very often 
I'm asked by ladies interested in music, whether I teach only the serious students, who might want to pursue music as a career. I feel doing that would be rather unfair to women who had to give up their passion in music, due to family, work or other responsibilities. It's really satisfying to see such ladies get back to their passion later in life, through the classes I conduct in classical and light music. Similarly, conducting sessions for little school girls through our GO Arbutus also gives me great happiness.

The greatest joy comes from sharing the knowledge that one has been blessed enough to receive!
Cheers to all the great women, who have made our lives and our society so much to rejoice about!

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